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DLC Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country 21 กันยายน

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"Xenoblade 2" A story depicting the original 500 years ago
The story of "Golden Country Era" is not only the past of main characters of main characters such as "Jin" "Mythra" "Malos" "Amalthus", but also "Lora" which is an important factor in the story of "Xenoblide 2" Spots can also be applied to characters such as Addam.
Yes - "Xenoblade 2" This story was a story of Rex and Pyra (Mythra), but "Golden Country Era" is the story of Jin and Lora that can also be said to be one of the main characters.
What happened to Jin's past, what kind of person was Lora, and relationship between Addam and Mythra -.
In this volume, their stories that were only drawn only fragmentally will appear in front of you at last.
(We also upgrade other supporting roles that appeared as a recollection scene in this volume from a general purpose model to a special model.)

New adventure with new map
In "Golden Country Torna" giant goddess "Torna" is added as a new field map.
Generally speaking of the additional story of RPG, there are many diversion of the existing map, "golden country Torna" is completely new thing.
Also, not only the field but also the capital of the Torna kingdom will be added as a new town map.
The range that you can play with "Golden Country Torna" is limited to 500 years ago and is limited only to this Era and its surroundings, but it is still quite fun to play.

Battle system renewal
In 'History of the Golden Country', the battle system was renewed to match it, since it is the time before the establishment of the battle method in which the driver and Blade collaborate in the history of the story. While base on the battle system of this main part, please enjoy a new battle system which is another bit different.

New songs added
New songs will be added in "Golden Country Torna".
Composers are those involved in the main story including Mitsuda.
As the atmosphere of the whole "golden country Torna" became a little more matured than the main volume, the atmosphere of the additional songs has also become an adult.
Please look forward to the new song full of groove feeling that is acoustic instrument-based.

Additional Scenario "Golden Country Torna" is scheduled to be delivered on September 14, for those with "Xenoblade 2" main volume and "Expansion Pass". And for this time, we are planning to release a single packaged version of "Golden Country Torna" on September 21, especially for those who do not play "Xenoblade 2".

As I mentioned earlier, "Golden Country Era" is a story of 500 years ago of this volume. By playing "Golden Country Era" first, you may also see different aspects of this story. This package version also comes with a code that allows you to acquire the contents of "Expansion Pass" other than "Golden Country Torna" in the main edition of "Xenoblade 2", so those who touch future "Xenoblade 2" I'd like you to choose "a golden country, Torna", a favorite entrance.

There will be a while before the release, so please enjoy the stories of the new characters, new maps and new battle.
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